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Since 1974 we meet the specific needs of different markets with our high quality products manufactured in-houseusing ferrous materials, plastics and alloys.


For excellent results we select and process the most performing high quality plastics, ferrous materials and alloys.


TMP Audo Precision Mechanical Turning Ciriè Plastic Materials app b
TMP Audo Precision Mechanical Turning Ciriè Materials app




We are committed to a constant search for new technologies to guarantee top quality and production flexibility, and leveraging our highly experienced team and the use of first-rate materials, we can offer to our clients the best expertise in the field.

TMP: a passion for excellence, innovation and sustainability.

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We at TMP are proud to offer to our clients top quality products and services.

Our commitment to values such as precision, quality, fairness, competitiveness and to the value of human relationships enables us to offer to every client the best possible experience.

Our finished parts show an excellent finishing quality, so as to meet the most diverse market needs.

When you choose TMP, you are choosing a company dedicated and committed to providing top quality products and services, with a strong focus on ethics on human relationships and on client satisfaction.

TMP AUDO – Precision CNC Turning

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